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Male Facial Rejuvenation – Kevin Sadati, DO
Managing Periocular Fillers – Christopher Zoumalan, MD
New Options & Technology For Facelifting – Richard Gentile, MD
Minimally Invasive CO2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing – James Newman, MD
RF and Skin Tightening – Nima Gharavi, MD
The Unhappy Post-Blepharoplasty Patient – Robert Goldberg, MD
Advances In Lower Eyelid Retraction – Mehryar Taban, MD
Tummy Tucks: Pearls & Refinements – Rady Rahban, MD
Gluteal Augmentation By Fat Grafting – Christian Subbio, MD
Breast Augmentation: A System To Improve Patient Satisfaction – John Diaz, MD
Facial Fillers vs Facial Implants – Karan Dhir, MD
Improving Facelift Hematomas With FaceTite – Gregory Keller, MD
The Power of the Cheekbone – Shino Bay Aguilera, DO
Social Media Segment
Management of Hyaluronic Acid Filler Complications
Platelet Rich Fibrin The Latest in Autologous Blood Concentrate Therapy for Aesthetics
Radio Frequency and Skin Tightening
Management of Blepharoplasty Patients with a History of Periocular Fillers
Achieving Natural Looking Results with Injectable Fillers
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