MCA includes the Multi-Specialty Education Center where leading aesthetic industry surgeons and medical experts offer ground breaking educational online courses that include the latest effective surgical and non-surgical integration techniques that result in consistent and excellent patient outcomes. The MCA Education Center features an advanced and carefully curated library of the most up-to-date multi-discipline intensive learning lectures, online live technology demonstrations, live injection techniques viewing, as well as the latest in radio frequency technology, lasers, autologous blood therapy, stem cell therapies, and other exciting new developments in aesthetic medicine of the face and body. The MCA Education Center also includes business and marketing courses and videos to help you, and your staff, deliver superior results that help with practice growth.


The core mission of MCA is to enhance the field of aesthetic medicine globally and to bring together a broad spectrum of individuals and groups that wish to contribute to this exciting industry in an all-inclusive academically challenging environment. MCA is an all-inclusive multi-specialty community of physicians, nurses and practice staff representing every aesthetic discipline including plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, oculoplastic surgery, dermatology and cosmetic surgery, as well as other disciplines now entering aesthetics, as members of MCA. It is our mission to bring together a global scientific community where ethical education in aesthetics, patient care and patient safety comes first and foremost. The MCA platform is an open university with the intent of furthering the field of aesthetics in all aspects.


Many of our MCA members are academically recognized leaders and world class educators in aesthetics. If you are a member of MCA and are currently teaching aesthetic skills in the form of videos or courses that you would like to be part of the exclusive MCA Education Center, we want to hear from you and so do our members. MCA encourages academic debate and the sharing of different scientific ideas and perspectives. The advance of aesthetic medicine is always improved by teachers and educators within our aesthetic global community, and MCA would like to give you the opportunity to join our educational team. You can learn more about participating as an MCA educator by emailing us your produced talk or video at


Aesthetic medicine is a complete matrix built to incorporate partners from every field. Partners in teaching and education, as well as partners that provide us with the technology we use on our patients, the software we use in our practices, the supplies we use in surgery and in the OR, and the guidance we obtain from the many business and scientific industry experts who help us with our marketing, social media and digital practice development. At MCA we greatly value these partners and have created an exchange where MCA members can interact and access the powerful knowledge base of the many MCA associated vendors, manufacturers, consultants and agencies that help us keep our practices running smoothly. We hope you will interact in the MCA Marketplace and leverage available expert knowledge to increase your skills and professional success.

The principle mission of MCA is to teach safe, effective surgical and non-surgical integration of technologies, devices and procedures.
MCA Multi Specialty
Cosmetic Academy