Liquid Rhinoplasty
Alexander Rivkin, MD

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Liquid Rhinoplasty LIVE DEMO – Alexander Rivkin, MD

Nose surgery remains one of the more popular procedures and while many patients benefit from a surgical rhinoplasty, others may benefit from a non-surgical one. In this LIVE DEMONSTRATION video course, leading aesthetic medical expert Alexander Rivkin, MD demonstrates and discusses a complete liquid rhinoplasty taking viewers through the entire process to achieving a perfect non-surgical “nose job”. Dr. Rivkin is the pioneer of this non-invasive approach to disguise  imperfections of the nose. The results of this procedure can last from 6 months to one year depending upon filler choice. Dr. Rivkin is a Yale trained facial cosmetic surgeon and Assistant Clinical Professor at the David Geffen, UCLA School of Medicine and practices in Los Angeles, CA.This video explanation with imagery and instruction will help you learn how best to provide non-surgical rhinoplasty to your patients. 16 minute duration. Course Fee: $59.

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